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Why Real-time is a Must Have

A 20 minute delay in penny stocks could be very costly to a trader. The swings that occur typically happen during the 20 minutes while you are waiting for your data to catch up. This is the crucial time to seek opportunity or protect yourself and get out of a trade that is quickly going bad. Our real time penny stock streaming news module arms the penny stock trader with information and news as soon as it hits the press. Penny stocks can and do move quickly on news. How would you like to be one of the first to react to a news story that was just published? PennyStream allows you to scan for all the live streaming news specifically for the penny stock exchanges (OTO and OTCBB) or filter on one specific stock symbol.

Case scenario: SNPK
On 4/18, SNPK released a press release that was not favorably viewed upon. A span of around 20 minutes went by and the stock had dropped around 50%. Real-time news and quotes would have helped to arm the trader to take quick action. The traders depending on the 20 minute delay quotes didn't have a clue until it was way too late!

Note: Screen shot is a scaled down view of the PennyStream. snpk

Combining the functionality of scanning real-time penny stock quotes and the streaming news feed arms the trader with endless opportunities. Click here to learn more about key features of PennyStream.

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