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Good afternoon Traders!

I’m in my 5th week of my $5150 investment in BitConnect and it continues to pay out just over 1% on average per day. I’ve earned 1,903.44 since 8/8/17. My break even is just weeks away and then I’ll be earning around $50 + a day profit until the end of my loan period on 2/4/18. At that time my principal will be returned to me. I’ll be doing a video on all of this shortly.There is has been a lot of frustration trying to purchase the Regal Coin ICO Tokens. There has been so much demand that it has caused the site to go into 404 code. The tokens had been available in 180,000 increments beginning at 12pm EST each day. The past few days they have sold out in less than 2 minutes.

On Friday afternoon, I was finally able to purchase 450 of them at .91 cents each. I see on their site that they are now offering the tokens in 3 phases each day with the last day to purchase on 9/22. I was able to buy mine at 12:11 pm EST and it seems they are doing around 6am, 12pm and 8pm EST. Today they did a release just after 1pm, so it’s difficult to say when. You can see in the transactions the last time tokens were purchased. BTW, I also think they stopped allowing new user registrations due to the site getting overwhelmed. I’m not sure when/if they will turn it back on.

Also as a side note and word of caution, My Bitcoin money was stuck in their wallet without me being able to withdraw until I was able to purchase at least some of the tokens. I then was able to withdraw the remaining amount of BitCoin left in my wallet. I plan to keep my investment with a low amount just below $500 as there are a lot of unknowns. I consider this a high risk, high reward potential. If the stock goes to $50 by December that would be fantastic, but that obviously is very speculative. I’m hoping for if it to at least hit $10 as forecasted to occur by October. 

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