Regal Coin ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Regal Coin is now being offered at .91 cents a coin. The expected official launch of the platform is 9/22, but it is available now as an ICO. They are forecasting the coin to be trading around $10 at that time with a $50 forecast by December. This of course is speculation, but I personally believe this is very possible. It is being compared to as the next BitConnect, which was offered around .20 cents and now trading at $135 as of today.

The ICO opened on 8/22 and the price right now is at .91 cents and it increments up in price with each new block being offered. Rumor has it they will release more at around 12pm EST today. I am hoping to pick up some Regal Coin at that time.
Keep in the know and you can join me and my team

  1. Purchase BitCoin at Coinbase – Get $10 free
  2. Transfer to the Regal Coin ICO
  3. Purchase the ICOs 


    Please always perform your own diligence. This is not investment advice.


    Videos below describing how it all works.

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