$TRKK and due diligence (weekend read)

From around the 1/4 time period, $TRKK was trading near .08, and has since plummeted to below .03, but why? That’s a good question.

As I always say, “perform your own due diligence”. I’ve been watching this OTCBB stock since it’s run up on the 1/3 time frame. As I indicated, I was suspicious from the start.

The first thing you should ask yourself when performing due diligence, is find out what IS the catalyst? What is drving the movement? News, inside trader information, promotional advertisements? I couldn’t find ANY catalyst. Lack of news and lack of catalyst leading up to this dramatic rise could not explain such a high price movement. Big red flag and this stock immediately gets put on my no trade list. I do keep an eye on it, however to see if something shines through later.

I often rely on a website, (no affiliation) stockpromoters.com to scan stocks that may have been promoted. The last promotion on $TRKK was last April.

What I have explained is part of my own personal due diligence before I trade ANY stock. I MUST know the Catalyst before I play. If not, it’s like playing a game without knowing the rules.


Please, always perform your own due diligence. We have not been compensated for this email nor do we own shares in any of the mentioned stocks.

Gene Edwards

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