PraXsyn Trending in PSL Chat Room


After PraXsyn Corporation’s (OTCB: PAWS) announcement of the March sales reporting $8.8M, sales have grown to $11M in April.  This penny stock is what is trending in the Penny Stock Chat room as the group discusses that the company’s 10Q will be coming out soon too.

PraXsyn Corporation is dedicated to providing medical practitioners with medications and services for their patients. They formulate transdermal creams in our compounding pharmacy, Mesa Pharmacy. These are geared to patients suffering from long-term pain associated with work place related injuries. In the near future, they will be instituting their Point of Care/In-Office Dispensing Program, and their In-Office Toxicology Testing. As the medical industry changes, PraXsyn Corporation will be there to provide different delivery systems.

Source: GlobeNewswire
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