Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. Announces Dividend Record Date to Receive Shares in Regen BioPharma, Inc.



Since yersterday’s afternoon announcement that Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. (OTCQB: BMSN)  will give shareholders a special dividend consisting of a pro rata share of 20,000,000 Regen BioPharma common shares, penny stock traders are jumping on the opportunity. All shareholders of record as of March 18, 2014, the record date, shall receive one share of Regen Biopharma, Inc. for every 147 shares of BMSN.  As of this afternoon (March 7, 2014), the pennystock is up 46%

Currently there are 51,910,000 common shares issued and outstanding. Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. owns 50,000,000 of these issued common shares. Bio-Matrix plans on distributing 20,000,000 of its shares to Bio-Matrix shareholders of record on March 18, 2014 (with a pay date subject to SEC and FINRA approvals). After the distribution of 20,000,000 shares, Bio-Matrix Scientific Group will still be a majority owner of Regen BioPharma, as it will own 30,000,000 common Regen BioPharma Inc. shares.

Regen BioPharma has assessed over 20,000 stem cell related issued patents, narrowed down to 2000 patents with commercial applicability, and further identified 30 patents available for licensing. The company seeks to inlicense, take the product to, and through clinical safety and efficacy “signal” and spin out technologies. Their mission is “Putting together the brightest minds involved in basic science, drug development, medical practice and commercialization to develop new cures in the most rapid means possible.”


Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. and
Regen BioPharma Inc.
David R. Koos, PhD
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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