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RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Incorporated , a development stage company, engages in producing and selling stem cell care product used to treat congestive cardiac failure and marginal artery illness.


Its stem cells enable the ordinary development, and the regeneration and fixing of damaged tissues thru the facility to differentiate into the kind of cell required for expansion or repair . It also concentrates on building hospitals to treat congestive cardiac arrest patients with VesCell stem cell care. The company was previously known as Good Buddy’s Coffee Express, Incorporated and modified its name to RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Incorporated in July 2008. RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Incorporated was set up in 2002 and is based in Natick, Massachusetts. The mission of RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Incorporated ( OTC BB : RCLL ) is to bring stem cell treatment treatments to the market as fast as practicable. Stem cells have the capability to produce other cells matching to themselves or to distinguish into categorical cell lineages which can often be employed in the regeneration and fixing of damaged tissue. RCLL is employing adult stem cells, those gleaned from the patient’s own blood, which loses the moral and safety worries connected with embryonic and umbilical rope blood stem cells.

RCLL’s care uses a method to spot adult stem cells found in a patient’s blood. In circulating blood, the numbers of adult stem cells present are less than one percent of 1 percent of all of the cells found in the blood.

At the Corporation’s producing operations in Israel, adequate stem cells are segregated from the half litre of blood drawn from the patient and then speedily grown from many thousands into countless millions over a 5 day period. This happens in the standard class ten thousand clean room with the handling of the cells under a class a hundred hood.

The adult stem cells and other mature cells removed from the circulating blood have been chosen due to their capability to differentiate into angiogenic predecessor cells, or artery forming cells. When these angiogenic predecessor cells are administered to the patient, they’re prepared to form new veins. Now congestive coronary arrest patients cleared for treatment have one half litre of blood drawn which is sent to the Firm’s cell processing facility in Israel. The stem cell care product is either delivered thru a catheter or injected right into the myocardium.

RCLL’s first asset is Regenocell Labs , L.T.D , a wholly owned Israeli co., which is producing the stem cell care product used to treat congestive cardiac failure and marginal artery illness. Promoting of the stem cell treatment product either immediately or thru distributors is performed by Regenocell, L.T.D , a wholly owned Antigua and Barbuda firm. There are more than 10,000,000 folks subjected to the absence of enough blood flow to the extreme areas in the US and an equal number in Europe.

This illness is most frequently experienced by diabetes patients in their toes and lower legs. Pilot studies have proved that there’s new vein formation which saves the patient from what would progress to amputation.

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