Get Your Head in the Game

Are you as wealthy as you would like to be? Do you have the freedom and time to go, do, be or have anything you want, when you want? Have you ever considered why not or what’s holding you back?  After all, there is enough wealth for everyone.  So, why not you? Or why him and not you?  What makes the difference between a wealthy and free person and where you are sitting in this moment?

The desire for more prosperity, security and freedom is in our innate make-up and even an admirable goal.  The simple truth is that money can’t buy happiness, but it can make life simpler. It is a necessity of life.  So, why not create abundance and live your life to the fullest? You may not realize just how much your mind influences this.  Many of us think our financial success is a result of outside influences such as our boss, family, where we live, etc.  The reality is you… your mind is more powerful than you know.

Money can be earned by years of hard work, but contrary to what many people believe, hard work is not the ONLY path to wealth.  Working smart and learning to attract wealth into your life can be created from your desires and how you mind your mind rather than just heavy lifting for 40 plus years.

So, how does this apply to penny stocks? There’s another element to penny stock trading that many traders may not realize can make all the difference in your trading success.  While searching a company’s financial history, news, product releases, quotes, list of penny stocks, and market trends are all critical to successful trading, if you forget to mind your mind, you could create a cycle of disappointment.  If you can embrace and apply these life-changing tips not only to your life, but also to your trading, you could be creating a whole world of wealth and success.

1. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions.
When I talk about “mind your mind” I’m talking about being in tune with your thoughts and emotions.  The first step is noticing you, your thoughts and your emotions.  Are you deliberate and conscious of how you are in each moment or are all of your responses and actions, reactions to what hand life deals you? Take a day, a week or a month just to observe yourself in different situations.  Before you get on your computer, check yourself. Where is your head and emotion, and look at what energy you are about to launch your trade with? Bringing this awareness into your daily grind can provide you with a wealth of introspection, reflection and insight to initiate positive change in your thoughts, emotions and actions with you in the drivers seat.

2. Eliminate negativity. 
Every thought or feeling creates your reality.  So any negative thought or emotion can create a negative experience. If you are feeling worried, anxious, stressed or fear going into a trade, you will just create more of it. Negativity is a block that needs to be nipped in the butt. Choose to eliminate negativity.  It’s not helping you. It’s not helping your family, and it certainly is not helping your investments.  Replace these thoughts immediately with more positive and uplifting feelings.  When you spend money, make sure you are not in a state of fear, lack, anger or resentment.  If you are in a state of positivity, the money will flow right back to you. Attitude is everything.

3. Reframe limiting beliefs.
What messages do you consciously and subconsciously tell yourself about money?  Are you one of those people that always seem to have financial issues and can never seem to break the cycle?  Do you believe that only a lifetime of hard work is the path to getting rich?  Do you have a fleeting thought that wealthy people are dirty or evil?  These beliefs are just a couple that can stem from childhood and play a big influence on how and if you create financial success.  If you have any negative beliefs about money, identify them and eliminate them immediately. You don’t want to be the reason you aren’t moving forward financially.

4. YOU are the creator of your life experience. Be clear about what you want.
You are a magnet for what you attract into your life. Weather you are exploring or heavily trading the best penny stocks, you have initiated a way to create more wealth and financial freedom for you and your family. It’s not enough to say, I want to make more money or be loaded, you need to be clear in your mind about exactly how much you want to make.  What is your plan and parameters for getting in and out of a trade? Will you sell when your pennystock reaches a 20% gain? What are your overall trading goals? The more clearly you know what you want in each trade as well as your overall financial portfolio, the better you will be able to bring it into your life.

5. See yourself as you want to be and live.  Periodically, take time to visualize your experience of how you want your life to be.  Imagine yourself in the moment as though you already have all the money you need, your trades are producing big gains. It’s easy, fun.  Money is easily flowing to you. Evoke this positive emotion and experience of what you want to create.  The more you identify and feel this experience, the more real you can see yourself there.  You will then begin to notice that pieces of this experience will manifest into your life. The more you take time to focus and attract your experience; you will be amazed at the life you are creating.

You have taken steps to create financial freedom in your life.  Be smart about your trading meaning use ALL your tools.  Yes, do your research, evaluate the best penny stocks to buy, watch trends, evaluate a company’s financials, but most important don’t let your mind get in the way.  Clean it up!  Clean up your thoughts and emotions, and you will be far ahead of the rest.  Minding your mind is the most impactful approach in your trading. Get your head in the game!

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