CoroWare Inc.- COWI


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CoroWare Inc.- COWI

CoroWare, Incorporated , thru its subsidiary, CoroWare Technologies, Incorporated , delivers custom engineering services, software and hardware products, and subscription services in North America, Europe, Pacific Rim, and the Middle East. It operates in 3 enterprises : CoroWare Business Solutions, Robotics and Automation, and Concern Partnership Solutions. The Robotics and Automation business offers custom engineering , for example visualisation, simulation, and application development ; and mobile robot platforms for varsity, govt., and company analysts.


The company was previously known as Innova Robotics & Automation, Incorporated and modified its name to CoroWare, Incorporated in April 2008. Based in Kirkland, WA with staff and partners around the globe, CoroWare Technologies is a corporation built on integrity, ingenuity, and good old style difficult work. CoroWare offers a broad range of customised customer-focused solutions, including telepresence, unified communications, and robotics. When you’re employed with us, you get the suppleness of a little company with world resources to supply the right-sized solution at the right cost. We understand the issues you are facing to keep your business running nicely, meet project cut off dates, implement inventive concepts, and stay inside budget. The CoroWare name was selected as it represents the Corporation’s original vision of developing and selling PC and robotics software and hardware solutions and products.

CoroWare Robotics produces both homogenized and custom robot solutions for colleges, technical universities, govt., municipalities and labs around the planet. Using open platform ideas you can select your mobile base, sensors and electronics, and your selection of robot operating systems : ‘Linux ‘ or ‘Windows seven Inserted ‘ or both.

In March of 2011, CoroWare Robotics related its implementation of the Robotics OS ( ROS ) on its CoroBot and Explorer products. Having incorporated Player / Stage as the very best of breed for prior robot production, CoroWare’s integration of ROS as the standard robot control library furthers their credo of being the “Open Robotics Platform” of preference.


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