Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.- ACTC


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Advanced Cell Technology, Incorporated , a biotechnology company, is focused on the development and commercial exploitation of human embryonic and adult stem cell technology in the discipline of regenerative medication. The companys cellular reprogramming involves in the development of cures primarily based on the employment of genetically matching pluripotent stem cells generated by its cellular reprogramming technologies.


Advanced Cell Technology, Incorporated also generates stable cell lines with particular concentrate on blood lineage and vascular epithelial cell lines from hemangioblast cells. Additionally, it is developing an autologous myoblast transplantation care to revive cardiac function in patients with advanced coronary disease.

The companys stem cell-based care would provide treatment for a variety of acute and protracted degenerating complaints. Further, it develops adult stem cell-based products that are specially centered at treatments for heart and other cardio sicknesses. The company is located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Advanced Cell Technology, Incorporated , ( “ACT” OTCBB : ACTC ) is a biotechnology company that specialises in the development of cellular cures for the treating of illnesses and conditions that impact many millions of folk around the world. The company applies stem cell-based technologies ( both adult and human embryonic ) and other exclusive strategies in the area of regenerative medication to bring patient-specific treatments from the laboratory bench to the bedside. ACT’s principal lab and GMP facility is in Marlborough, Massachusetts, and its company offices are in Santa Monica, California.

ACT is controlled by a seasoned managing team and a top class systematic team helmed, respectively, by CEO and Managing Director Gary Rabin and Chief Systematic Officer Robert Lanza, M.D. As documented in the books Nature and Cell Stem Cell, ACT developed and holds in its inventory the first proved alternative technique for successful hESC generation without damage to the embryo, called the “single-cell blastomere” system, on which it holds broad intellectual property ( IP ) protection.

The company is concentrated on commercializing its human embryonic stem cell ( hESC ) -based Retinal Pigment Epithelial ( RPE ) treatment for deteriorative retinal illness, for which it latterly instituted 2 Phase 0.5 controlled trials. The company is also developing its human embryonic stem cell ( hESC ) -based Hemangioblast ( HG ) platform for the handling of blood and heart sicknesses.

The company is developing this programme in association with CHA Biotech of Korea. The company is concentrated on advancing its Phase 2-approved Myoblast autologous adult stem cell care for the handling of protracted cardiac failure, advanced cardiac illness, cardiac arrest, and ischemia.


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