BitConnect, ICO updates + $10 Free in BitCoin

Good afternoon Traders!

I’m in my 5th week of my $5150 investment in BitConnect and it continues to pay out just over 1% on average per day. I’ve earned 1,903.44 since 8/8/17. My break even is just weeks away and then I’ll be earning around $50 + a day profit until the end of my loan period on 2/4/18. At that time my principal will be returned to me. I’ll be doing a video on all of this shortly.There is has been a lot of frustration trying to purchase the Regal Coin ICO Tokens. There has been so much demand that it has caused the site to go into 404 code. The tokens had been available in 180,000 increments beginning at 12pm EST each day. The past few days they have sold out in less than 2 minutes.

On Friday afternoon, I was finally able to purchase 450 of them at .91 cents each. I see on their site that they are now offering the tokens in 3 phases each day with the last day to purchase on 9/22. I was able to buy mine at 12:11 pm EST and it seems they are doing around 6am, 12pm and 8pm EST. Today they did a release just after 1pm, so it’s difficult to say when. You can see in the transactions the last time tokens were purchased. BTW, I also think they stopped allowing new user registrations due to the site getting overwhelmed. I’m not sure when/if they will turn it back on.

Also as a side note and word of caution, My Bitcoin money was stuck in their wallet without me being able to withdraw until I was able to purchase at least some of the tokens. I then was able to withdraw the remaining amount of BitCoin left in my wallet. I plan to keep my investment with a low amount just below $500 as there are a lot of unknowns. I consider this a high risk, high reward potential. If the stock goes to $50 by December that would be fantastic, but that obviously is very speculative. I’m hoping for if it to at least hit $10 as forecasted to occur by October. 

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Please always perform your own diligence. This is not to be taken as any kind of advice.

Best regards,
Gene Edwards

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Regal Coin ICO – Initial Coin Offering

Regal Coin is now being offered at .91 cents a coin. The expected official launch of the platform is 9/22, but it is available now as an ICO. They are forecasting the coin to be trading around $10 at that time with a $50 forecast by December. This of course is speculation, but I personally believe this is very possible. It is being compared to as the next BitConnect, which was offered around .20 cents and now trading at $135 as of today.

The ICO opened on 8/22 and the price right now is at .91 cents and it increments up in price with each new block being offered. Rumor has it they will release more at around 12pm EST today. I am hoping to pick up some Regal Coin at that time.
Keep in the know and you can join me and my team

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  2. Transfer to the Regal Coin ICO
  3. Purchase the ICOs 


    Please always perform your own diligence. This is not investment advice.


    Videos below describing how it all works.

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Bitpetite 4.5% a day

They are paying 4.5% a day on Bitpetite!

Bitpetite’s mission is to help make Bitcoin digital cash. To accomplish this, we mix our customers’ funds with our own and by doing so anonymize the former. Your finances pass through a chain of anonymous transactions and effectively become money without financial history.

We are always looking to expand our transaction volume, since the more funds we have in the system, the higher is the throughput capability of our service. Become our investor and make money with us!

Deposit BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum, etc. to Bitpetite and they use your crypto to to make the transactions for their clients. You get paid 4.5% a day to allow your coin to process the transactions.

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Embercoin and Staking – 100% overnight!

I learned about this coin a couple days ago when it was suggested to me at $0.000225. It has since doubled now and trading at $0.000477. This coin is very new at only a couple month’s old with a market cap of just under $7 million. I have yet to purchase any yet, but considering a staking hold on it.

What is Embercoin?
Embercoin is a new cryptocurrency that will be used for the facilitation of purchases for digital services like web design, domain name registration and web hosting.
You can learn more and download their walled on their website:

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PotCoin and Dennis Rodman

PotCoin LOGOPotCoin caught my attention when I heard they were sponsoring Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea back in June. I’ve been watching them ever since. The North Korea thing was simply a clever marketing strategy. I guess it worked because it got my attention.

PotCoin is an ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency, network and banking solution for the $100 billion global legal marijuana industry.

PotCoin is the first digital currency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry. PotCoin is a community based effort.

PotCoins are digital coins you can send via the internet, which allow cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together.

It’s an interesting concept to help marijuana dispenser merchants (online/Brick&Mortar) to manage transactions in crypto. The majority of them currently deal on a cash only basis as traditional banks will not allow deposits or credit card services. Many stores have been robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the hordes of unprotected cash.

Taking a look at their newly designed website as of yesterday 8/23/17 they seem to have their act together with solid solutions for merchants. They are early in the game with $27 million dollar market cap in a multi-billion dollar building industry. I think their future looks bright with a lot of growth potential.

Online Shops
(E-Commerce)Accept PotCoin on your e-commerce store using CoinPayments’s easy plugins for all major platforms (Magento, WordPress, etc).

Brick & Mortar Shops
Accept Potcoin at your physical business location using PotWallet’s merchant system. Get paid directly into your PotWallet account.

Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia currently have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form. Three other states will soon join them after recently passing measures permitting use of medical marijuana.

So why not just simply accept BitCoin?
They state the transactions are much faster with lower fees and part of a loyal audience.

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PennyStream giveaway

Hello PSL Subscribers!

How would you like free PennyStream access for the month of April? We are giving away a premium subscription to one of our active followers each month. (Note: If you win and are already a current PennyStream subscriber, you will be refunded a month’s worth of subscription fees).

Here’s how to play:
We will randomly select a winner from each qualified entry. All entries will be added up on 3/31/17. There are 2 ways to get multiple entries. The winner will be announced 3/31/17. We will send out an email, announce in the chatroom and post on our Facebook page the results.

1. Be an active chat member. We will compile a list of all active users at the end of each month. Each active chat member gets 1 entry for each day you chat. You do not get multiple entries for each chat, so please don’t spam the chat room.

2. Like, share and comment on this Facebook post. One entry will count for each like, share and comment. One comment per user counts, i.e. multiple comments will not provide multiple entries.

Have fun and good luck!

Gene Edwards

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Image Protect Inc $IMTL

Hello PSL Subscribers!

This company has peeked my interest with its business model. Copyright infringements have become a big problem on the internet and they seem to have some innovative answers for it. The stock has a very small market cap (currently 913k).


Image Protect Announces Major Increase in Levels of Copyright/Infringement Traffic

SAN CLEMENTE, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 3, 2017) – Image Protect Inc. (OTC: IMTL)

The company is reporting, the total number of uploaded images to its copyright/Infringement software have exceeded five million. To follow that number, the company is reporting, the number of actual “sightings” for Infringements have exceeded 1.7 million. This now tracks to the company’s revenue model, and the company is beginning to build data for its early stage “Earnings Guidance” for 2017.


(6 MO. CHART – SCREEN SHOT 2/3/17)

Please, always perform your own due diligence. We have not been compensated for this email nor do we own shares in any of the mentioned stocks.

Gene Edwards

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Level 2 quotes with PennyStream

Hello PSL Subscribers!

I’m happy to report that I now offer Level 2 quotes with our advanced PennyStream package. I’m also offering $5 off per month by using coupon code: 5level2

Are you a seasoned, more experienced trader or simply looking to know what the pro’s use to get a better understanding of how a particular stock is being traded?

Source: (Investopedia)
Level II can provide enormous insight into a stock’s price action. It can tell you what type of traders are buying or selling a stock, where the stock is likely to head in the near term, and much more. Here we explain what level II is, how it works and how it can help you better understand open interest in a given stock.

What Is Level II?
Level II is essentially the order book for Nasdaq stocks. When orders are placed, they are placed through many different market makers and other market participants. Level II will show you a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices from each of these participants, giving you detailed insight into the price action. Knowing exactly who has an interest in a stock can be extremely useful, especially if you are day trading. (For further reading, see our Electronic Trading tutorial.)

Learn more at investopedia

Gene Edwards

The must have tool for trading Penny Stocks in real-time.

 Save $5 per month with coupon code: 5level2

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$CBIS technicals

$CBIS has recently crossed the .07 resistance line and appears to be breaking out, closing at 0.0941 on 1/18/17. Take a look at those big green candles!

Business Description:
Cannabis Science Inc is engaged in the creation of cannabis-based medicines, both with and without psychoactive properties, to treat disease and the symptoms of disease, as well as for general health maintenance


Please, always perform your own due diligence. We have not been compensated for this email nor do we own shares in any of the mentioned stocks.

Gene Edwards

The must have tool for trading Penny Stocks in real-time.

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$TRKK and due diligence (weekend read)

From around the 1/4 time period, $TRKK was trading near .08, and has since plummeted to below .03, but why? That’s a good question.

As I always say, “perform your own due diligence”. I’ve been watching this OTCBB stock since it’s run up on the 1/3 time frame. As I indicated, I was suspicious from the start.

The first thing you should ask yourself when performing due diligence, is find out what IS the catalyst? What is drving the movement? News, inside trader information, promotional advertisements? I couldn’t find ANY catalyst. Lack of news and lack of catalyst leading up to this dramatic rise could not explain such a high price movement. Big red flag and this stock immediately gets put on my no trade list. I do keep an eye on it, however to see if something shines through later.

I often rely on a website, (no affiliation) to scan stocks that may have been promoted. The last promotion on $TRKK was last April.

What I have explained is part of my own personal due diligence before I trade ANY stock. I MUST know the Catalyst before I play. If not, it’s like playing a game without knowing the rules.


Please, always perform your own due diligence. We have not been compensated for this email nor do we own shares in any of the mentioned stocks.

Gene Edwards

The must have tool for trading Penny Stocks in real-time.

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