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PSL Affiliate Program

penny stocks affiliate program

Earn income as a PSL affiliate by promoting PennyStream.

PennyStream includes a preloaded list of the Top 100 most active penny stocks for the OTCBB exchange and the Top 100 most active penny stocks for the OTC exchange (pink sheets). With unmatched depth of content, functionality and ease of use, PennyStream provides all of market data and research information you need to plan and execute the best penny stock investment strategies.

Affiliates earn 25% on a recurring basis of all subscription sales you promote for PennyStream. A single subscription sale of $39.95 would earn you $9.98 commission for each month the subscriber remains active on a recurring basis. Cookies are stored for 120 days, which means you will be credited commissions if a user subscribes within a 120 day period after clicking your affiliate unique id link. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn commisions for unlimited years on each subscriber for as long as the subscriber remains active.

We provide images, links and banners for all of your marketing needs to successfully promote PennyStream.

Affiliates can login and track their commissions and clicks.

Affiliates are paid out monthly via paypal.

Current and new PennyStream members are automatically signed up to the optional affiliate program. Click on the Affiliate Info tab upon logging into the members area control panel.

There is no cost in signing up as an affiliate. Affiliates are paid on the 1st of the month via paypal once a $100 minimum balance is achieved and 30 days has past. Cookies are stored for 120 days and commissions are only earned if a user signs up within this 120 day period. Commissions are earned on a recurring basis at 25% of the subscription sales. PSL reserves the right to change the subscription costs at anytime and offer discounted coupons that may decrease the value of commissions earned on a per sale basis. Affiliates can view sales and track commissions by logging into the affiliate account. Affiliates are to abide by all SPAM laws and not to abuse these laws promoting PennyStream or anything related to PSL or Affiliate accounts will be revoked under any circumstances that abuse is observed. All questions and concerns can be directed to

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penny stocks affiliate



What is an affiliate?
Affiliate programs are a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Affiliates earn income by the means of advertising on websites, social media, email marketing and other methods to distribute a link, images or forms of graphics that are tagged to a specific affiliate id so that one can be paid a % of sales.

What is the earning potential?
Affiliates earn 25% of subscription sales to PennyStream on a recurring basis. If a user purchases through your affiliate id you will earn commissions each and every month the subscriber remains active. A subscription sale of $39.95 will earn you $9.98 each and every month the subscriber remains.

What if someone clicks my link, but doesn't purchase right away?
Anytime a user clicks a link it stores a cookie for 120 days. Anytime that user returns and makes a purchase within that 120 day period you will receive the commissions for that sale.

Where do I get my links, banners and graphics?
All marketing material to include static links, banners and light box graphics are available in the members area. by clicking on the Affiliate Info> Get affiliate banners and links. A simple copy/paste code is availbe for each option. Your general affiliate link will be located at the top. You can use your general link to copy/paste into chat rooms, emails or wherever you see useful, however please do not create spam.

How do I get paid?
All commissions are paid on the 1st of each month once at least a $100 balance is acheived. Payments are made by paypal. You can provide your paypal address in the affiliates members area.

Can I track stats on links and clicks?
Yes, in the affiliates members area you can track all these stats to include commissions.

Can I create my own links and graphics?
Yes, you can create your own anchor tag links and images of choice where you feel it will better align with your website or marketing needs. Simply use your general link as the link to and your commissions will be properly tracked.

Can I use pay per click and other forms of pay marketing?
Yes, you can use adwords, adcenter, pay per view, facebook and these types of services to advertise PennyStream.

How much does it cost to be an affiliate?
It's free. There aren't any admin or hidden fee's either.

I'm already a PennyStream subscriber myself. How do I become an affiliate?
You are already signed up automatically as a PennyStream subscriber. Simply login to the members area and look for the Affiliate Info tab. Your affiliate id is already setup.

Do I have to be a PennyStream monthly subsriber to be an affiliate?
No, it is not required to be a paying subscriber. However, it may be a good idea to become a subscriber to see what it is you are selling.

To sign up for the free affiliate program and start earning extra recurring income:
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