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ABOUT was created by Gene Edwards, an entrepreneur driven to learn trading for himself while sharing his unbiased findings, tools and what he earned from other guru’s along the way. 

He discovered that there were hundreds of websites providing the latest stock alerts, trends, advice and tools, but they were not really teaching investors on how they discovered the information or how to learn to become an great investor leaving the investor dependent and chasing the wave rather than being smart and methodical about investing.

Gene Edwards has learned along the way that many different resources, tools and experience are they keys to seeing the bigger picture leading you to becoming a more educated and profitable trader.  He has had big wins and made mistakes along the way.  He had developed to share with you his best resources for you to come to your own conclusions and make smart decisions.  He wanted to provide a one-stop-shop or portal for you to access the best resources, tools, education, news, market alerts, penny stock company history and profiles, access to the hottest traders, anything that would aid in your own development and decision making. has proven to be the most valuable resource for new investors and more experienced investors alike.


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