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At PSL we created the most amazing proprietary tool to finding penny stock picks. The Penny Heater was developed in house to filter and key on 7 data points to help us find the hottest trending penny stocks at any given moment. The list is narrowed and then reviewed by our team to scrutinize even further. This tool has been quite a break through for us and we are very proud to display consistent penny stock picks that work. We recommend signing up for our free alerts to learn more about the penny heater. You should also make full use of our free penny stocks list and learn to sort on various filters to find todays most active penny stocks. These tools are free to use and you can find more information by clicking the links below. If you still have questions specifically as to what are penny stocks, then we suggest to read a little more in our learn section and don't be afraid to jump in the chat room and ask questions.

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