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What is considered a hot penny stock? This is obviously very debateable amongst traders. Most traders or investors like to find a company that simply is trending in the news. What has the most chatter about it causing huge volume activity. A simple filter on the most active volume stocks for the Pinks and OTCBB can get you in the right directions. By paying close attention to email alerts and social media buzzes on facebook and twitter can provide the current hot company. Keep in mind what may be hot today may quickly be cold tomorrow. You don't want to be caught on the wrong side of the trade. The name of the game is to be there first and you can improve your chances with the right penny stock tools. Preferrably, streaming real-time penny stocks will give you the best edge. Real-time news feed for the over the counter market can give you the latest news and information right when it counts. We are here to help your goal and finding those hot penny stocks, so take advantage of our free tools by clicking the links below.

What are Penny Stocks? They are considered by the SEC as any stock that trades below $5 per share. However, we consider it literally and that means a stock that trades in the pennies. Our penny stock lists are comprised of almost all stocks below the $1 price.

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